Saturday, December 26, 2020

"Christmas Bouquet". 12" x 12" oil

A very good friend gave me the gift of flowers delivered to me for three months!   
What a wonderful treat!    So I decided to paint them and here is the first with all it's Christmas colors.

I am a little rusty because I have not painted very much this year.    A lot of time was available but I chose to do other things.  The main thing is that I am happy and healthy.   

I took this picture with my phone, usually I use my digital Canon but I have not been able to locate my camera for 9 months!!    I have looked everywhere, probably an equivalent of 2 days.   It must have dissolved into dust and I have vacuumed it up.  I am going to forget about it and maybe it will turn up.

Christmas was solitary for me, streamed lots of movies, cooked and baked.
I hope all of you had a good holiday and that you have a nice New Year to come.
As the 2020 saying goes, Stay Positive and Test Negative.

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