Monday, March 19, 2012

Makers Mark 6"x6" oil

Each bourbon maker has their own special recipe and process.  Makers Mark attributes its unique taste to pure, iron free limestone spring water which comes from a 10 acre limestone spring fed lake at the Maker's Mark Distillery.  They also use red winter wheat rather than traditional rye, along with naturally malted barley and yellow corn.  They have beautiful distinctive copper still pots that are an important part of their double distillation process which removes impurities.   They use cypress tanks for fermentation and some of the planks are more than 200 years old.  There is more so click here to read more about it.   I have driven to this distillery and it is a beautiful drive through the Kentucky country side.   
My favorite part is when they dip each individual bottle in the red wax.  Here is how it came about.  Bill Samuels wife Marjorie was a fan of fine pewter pieces, which were known for the mark their maker put on them (hence their name) but to truly embrace the name, she felt that they needed their own special mark. This led her to create the SIV symbol, which stands for “Samuels - 4th generation.”  She also collected antique cognac bottles that were commonly dipped in wax. She thought that signature look would be a great idea for their bottle. And her creativity didn’t stop there: Marjorie completed the Maker’s look by creating their distinctive typeface herself.
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