Monday, May 4, 2020

"Iris in a silver cup" 6" x 6" Oil

I worked on setting this one up yesterday, Sunday, because the bloom was huge and beautiful with 3 buds and one almost bloom.   I had some difficulty because the stem was so long it was hard to find a vase that did not make it flop forward so the bloom was facing down.   I thought I had a great idea, I would gently wrap some floral wire around the base and stem and gently angle it upward.  The bloom broke off!   So much for that.... I decided to do laundry.    I saved the bloom but it did not last the night but the bloom that was almost a bloom looked fabulous this morning so I painted it.  

This iris is very dark, almost black so when lit with a spot light it brought out the purple, red and blue.   I used to have numerous ones in the garden but now only this one blooms.  Sadly my irises send up leaves but do not bloom.  Sup with that?

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