Thursday, September 3, 2009

Onion heads, 8x6, 9/3/09 $100

I was criticized for painting so close to the edges.   I have to laugh because when I was an art director in advertising I would get irritated at the photographers that would crop the shot close which didn't give any options for re-cropping.   I kept telling them to give me more around the edges for bleed and more options.  Marge, if you read this you know what I'm talking about.     So now what have I done...the same thing and when they go to be framed it would be nice for the image to be seen.  One of my favorite places on this painting is the small light green center of the leek.   Unfortunately it might be mostly cropped out with regular framing.  Of course you can always float the board in a frame.  How's that for options.