Monday, December 23, 2019

M in blue sunglasses 16" x 12". oil

This is a model we use quite often and out of all the years, maybe decades, we have been painting him, this is one of the few times I have really captured him.    He is a dancer, an opera singer and all around great guy with a wonderful sense of humor.    Recently sold this painting and will miss having it hanging around.

Thank you for your interest in my work.


Monday, December 2, 2019

Blanton's #17 8" x 8" oil

As requested, here is a Blanton's Bourbon painting, 8in x 8in, painted on Centurion Linen painting panel.  The corks on the bottles are collectable.

Thank you for your interest in my art.
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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pappy Van Winkle, 20 yr. 8in x 8in, Oil

Everyone here in Louisville Kentucky knows about Pappy, Pappy Van Winkle.   This one is from the Pappy Van Winkle Reserve, 20 year which comes with a red velvet bag.... woo, spiffy!   Just to be clear, it is the bourbon that comes with the bag, not this painting.    I was going to sell it in a gallery here in town but instead I am putting it up for sale on my DPW gallery site.

Thank you for your interest in my art.
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