Friday, July 9, 2010

Sherrie, sketch 9"x12" 7/9/10

I asked Sherrie to pose for us when I saw her at a function about 2 months ago and she said yes.   She is the wife of a sculptor here in town.   She didn't know how well she would do as a model because she said she tended to fidget but she held her pose extremely well.   As you can see I did not finish today.  The canvas board I'm working on here is a plywood panel by Belle Arti, Raphael Premium Archival made in Italy and it has oil primed linen on the front.   I don't use this type very often and I forgot how the wet oil paint just slides around and it is hard to build up the paint surface on the first go around.   It will be mostly dry by next week and hopefully I can finish it then.

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