Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Painter's Elixirs" 6"x6" oil

It is great to be back painting!   I have tried to paint loosely on this one and I am pleased on how it turned out.    I set it up yesterday, Tuesday, and painted it this morning early.   Currently listening to Ken Follett's third book of the Century Trilogy and I am on the last CD, #29.   

 As many of you know living alone in an old house that when you least expect it things will go wrong so yesterday took a turn in a direction I did not expect, and actually it was two turns!    My phone, internet and tv went out when a truck yanked out the line and later in the day someone else discovered that one of the main cold air returns in the crawl space was not hooked up to the duct!!   Evidently it has been that way for years!!   No wonder the furnace did could not keep up with the cold winters!

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