Friday, September 11, 2009

Cheyenne, gold & silverpoint, 10"x14", 9/11/09 $150

We had Cheyenne again this week and since I had already done an oil painting last week, I thought I would try out my new gesso for gold and silverpoint.   I prepared the paper by soaking it in water then taping it down to a board.   After it had dried I applied two layers of silverpoint drawing ground.   I lightly sanded with a 400 sand paper.  The paper must have been too thin because it developed some buckling which I didn't care for.   Next time I will use an illustration board or much heavier paper.   They recommend 2 or 4 ply strathmore.  I think I used 2 ply.    The ground is absorbed in to the paper rather quickly making it difficult to get an absolutely smooth surface.  I worked very fast but maybe did not use enough of a pool in the middle to spread.   The head study came out ok, I like the hands the best.     Ya'll know how I love to do hands.  Also a draw back of this gesso is that you absolutely cannot erase and it is very hard to get an even grey tone.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You're next! 6x6, 9/10/09 SOLD

I've done this painting twice. First time it was so bad I wiped it all off and then started the second one. Sometimes you just have to do that and start fresh. The second time I rearranged the napkin.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come here, now! 7x5, 9/9/09 $100

I tried to paint this one totally with a 3/4" brush.  The result is more painterly.   Looks more like Cezanne's work.  I was trying to paint each stroke mixed for the exact spot I was painting.  I think I like it.   It was certainly a different exercise for me because I have a tendency to blend and get rid of rough spots.   

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remember, we have an alibi... 6x6, 9/8/09 SOLD

The leeks had to silence the eggplant because it knew too much. This is a cliff hanger because I'm over the leeks for now. I used a different light source and I tried to rush the green. I got so I did not care if I got the color right or not. I have to move on. If I know anything about myself it is that I don't like doing anything more than once. Somehow I lose interest. It is fresher if it is a new challenge.

Monday, September 7, 2009

And then I said to the Grocer.... 6x6, 9/7/09 $100

I love the herringbone pattern on the leek greens and the smallness of the eggplant.  The eggplant is in charge and knows all and imparting knowledge to the leeks who are more passive and can't stand up.   Who knows what goes on inside the refrigerator when you shut the door?  I need to get a life and stop living through my vegetables.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hangin out, 8x6, 9/6/09 $100

Using a flat, 3/4" bright brush I try to achieve roundness.   I look for the angles and where the line changes direction.   Using straight lines and making these observations make it possible.   Your eyes connect the dots so to speak and it appears more round than it is.  Am I making any sense?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cheyenne, 8x6, 9/4/09 SOLD

This was the first time that Cheyenne had ever modeled and we all thought she did wonderfully. She did not move a muscle or even blink. We thought she has an old world look, maybe Italian. She had a grey tank top on so to give her some color we put two scarves together and pinned them like a shawl. I chose not to paint the grey tank.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Onion heads, 8x6, 9/3/09 $100

I was criticized for painting so close to the edges.   I have to laugh because when I was an art director in advertising I would get irritated at the photographers that would crop the shot close which didn't give any options for re-cropping.   I kept telling them to give me more around the edges for bleed and more options.  Marge, if you read this you know what I'm talking about.     So now what have I done...the same thing and when they go to be framed it would be nice for the image to be seen.  One of my favorite places on this painting is the small light green center of the leek.   Unfortunately it might be mostly cropped out with regular framing.  Of course you can always float the board in a frame.  How's that for options.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Salt spill, 8x6, 9/1/09 SOLD

The color did not reproduce well and I tried all kinds of different settings. The yellow is too bright and the background surface it too purple. Oh well! I liked the painting I did a while back called Curry & Salt. It sold during the sale and want to have another on hand. I tried adding a third element but it looked too busy. I'll keep trying other objects. What draws me to these objects is the light through the glass and the shiny steel tops and their reflections. I'm the moth and they are the flame.