Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pinky 6"x6" oil

My pink Hydrangeas are blooming!   There are never very many blooms because the previous owners planted it in the shady the north side of the house, but this year I really will only have about 7 blooms.  Darn!  When painting this pink and trying to get a bright pink I had to get out a tube of Quinacridone red which is not made from a mineral and therefore when you mix it with white it is brighter or rather a more clear pink.   For instance when you mix white with Alizarin Crimson it is pink but it is a grayer pink because it is from a mineral.   I find that many flower colors like Gerber Daisies are bright and you need to use modern colors like thalo and colors that are not mineral.  That is all I know for today!
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