Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Shopping for Chanel" 6" x 6" oil

While in Vegas the females in the Marbleous Gang decided to take a break from gambling to go shopping.   They came across a Chanel Boutique and decided to go in.  There were rows and rows of glass shelves that were lit from behind which showed off all the colors in the many perfume bottles.   They sampled a few of them and decided the best one was Chanel No. 5.   When the bottle they bought was empty they rolled out of the Boutique reeking of the famous perfume.  They left a trail of scent all around Vegas as they wound their way back to the casino totally exhausted ready for a nap.

I treasure this little bottle that was my Mother's favorite perfume. The label on the 2.25" bottle is "No. 5 CHANEL Paris".   It was probably a sample bottle and is now empty but still has the glass stopper and part of the seal.


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