Monday, May 24, 2010

"Is it food?" 6"x6" oil on gessoboard

Sprightly has been wandering around for over a week now and so far has only found some swiss cheese and blind mice (which turned out to be chocolate!)   His attention was aimed at this shiny object.   Can I eat it?   Is it food?   As it turned out it was not food and in fact it was hard to get a hold on it and keep it still.   The shiny object seemed to roll all over the place.   When it rolled on to the floor Sprightly was afraid the "Giant" heard it and would come to investigate.  He thought, "I'd better skedaddle"

I thought long and hard about if it would be a good idea to use this dark book that was about the same color/value as the mouse.   In the end you can see I decided to keep the book.  There is basically three colors and I think it unifies the painting.  And I'm sticking to it!

Bronze mouse by Steve Worthington

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