Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking at traffic 6"x6" oil

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She stopped, looked at the traffic and then crossed the street.   Now the dangerous thing was not the traffic but the sidewalk itself.  Seems they have these "ramps" (do you see the one in front of her?) on the sidewalk to allow carts and or cars to get up the curb, but while walking down the street you have to be super aware of these so as not to trip or slip on the slope.  Slippery slope indeed!   One day while trying to negotiate the people on the sidewalk and trying to look into store windows one of my feet stepped on this slope and slipped toward the street because the tile was so slick.   Sometimes I even tripped on the elevation.   It is very dangerous to look anywhere but where your feet are going.  This sidewalk is very spacious compared to some where you could hardly pass anyone coming the opposite way.  The person I was with slipped or tripped one day on one of these ramps and went down face first, busted his lip and head and now has a nice scar on his lip as proof.

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