Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Study in Yellow 6"x6" oil

This one was hard!   I started on it yesterday and worked on and off all day and by 4:00 the light was gone, time to quit.   Worked on it this morning and finished it finally!!   This took way too long but I think in the end it worked out right.   The photo here did not capture the right shades of yellow but I am so over it!!   I really should do a painting in blue so I at least have one of every primary color.   These would look so cool all together in a grouping!   Thank you Liz Wiltzen for coming up with this exercise!  The large pepper was the hardest for me because of all the fussy shapes around the stem.   My palette was: Titanium white, Cad. lemon yellow, Cad. yellow med, Cad. red light, Ultramarine blue, Thalo blue, Winsor Newton Bt. sienna

Here is the b&w photo of the painting and a b&w photo of the set-up for comparison.  
Glad this one is done!

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