Thursday, June 11, 2020

"Analogous Figure Painting" 12" x 12" Oil

Last Friday I tried something new, well, new to me!    Atelier Dojo Austin (Texas), has open studio available by Zoom, so anyone in the country can see the model and paint along with others painting or drawing the same image.  I hadn't painted a figure in about 3 months also I wanted to see how it worked.    You join up at their site and pay $5 to join one of the open studio sessions and they send you a link and at the time of the session you join the group.

The dress she wore was a middle grey with black polka dots and the background was bright Kelly green.   I decided to make the dress a color that would represent the grey and choose colors that were close together on the color wheel, analogous colors.   Teal, green, blue/violet, with the skin tone, boots and chair being brownish.   I decided to tie everything together with the circle and not have the green bleed off which left her floating.    All was painted in about 2.5 hours.   I am an hour later than Austin and by 10:00 I was ready to stop, it was past my bedtime!

Atelier Dojo Austin has several open studios to choose from.    Check it out!

Thank you for viewing my art!
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