Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Paint Mediums?" 6" x 6" oil

These are some more paint mediums... or are they?    Can you pick the one that is not used in oil painting?  These are fun to paint, it is sort of like painting bourbon but with more variations.

This is an outfit that I made by hand using the Alabama Chanin sewing techniques.   The jacket took hundreds of hours starting with designing the jacket, stenciling the design on the fabric, hand sewing around the design then cutting out the top layer of fabric and hand sewing it all together.   Then there was the binding, beading and pleating the trim.   I love doing this kind of work in the evenings and weekends.   It is truly a labor of love.   If I were to sell it the cost would be around $6000.   But it is not for sale.
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