Friday, July 3, 2009

Night club singer, 9x12, 7/3/09

Our model today was Sara and I thought she looked especially wonderful in this red sequined dress.   This is actually the second time painting on this one.    The first session was on 6/5/09 and that is pictured on this blog for that day.   So it is actually not a one day painting but it is what I painted and finished today.   I realize why the reds were coming out so bright on my previous pictures.   It was because I shot then on the vivid setting with the camera.   This was taken on the normal setting.  The red was a little bit more bright than this but it does show values better.

It is painted on a 9" x 12" oil primed linen panel, it took 6 hours and the price reflects this.  It is going to be beautiful when it is framed and would be a complement in any room.   Lets see.....which room am I going to put it in.   I did painting of a a different model in this dress and it sold quickly.   A lot of people wanted it but it went to the first person that gave me money $400 (it was larger).