Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Sewing book" 8"x6" oil on canvas


This Singer Sewing Book was published in 1949 and covers everything from hand sewing to upholstery including clothing, drapes, decorating your home and even making a car bassinet!  Here is one of the first sentences in the book and it will show you how people thought at that time, "The purpose of this book is to put into your hands in one complete package the means of attaining one of the happiest experiences of a woman's everyday life. Sewing, when it is done with skill and confidence, can be exactly that, for it can mean the satisfaction of family needs and wishes through the work of your own hands."
I have been sewing since I was 10 and it has brought much joy and misery to my life.  I have to tell you though that this book of 240 pages is my bible when I want to do a corded buttonhole or pocket or have any other questions about sewing.   
Never did make a bassinet.
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