Monday, September 13, 2010

"Outnumbered" 6"x6" oil on gessobord

These figs will only last one more day and then I will just have to eat them.  Well actually I have been eating them one by one and the group is dwindling.   Oh who gives a fig!
I want to thank the person who pointed out my mistake about the complementary color.   I misspoke,  the color was not the complementary which is  the opposite color in the color wheel.   If you make a triangle, say the top point is on green then another point is on orange and the third is on purple.   It is called on my color wheel, a Triad.   I use this triangle often when deciding my color choices. 
In the case I chose blue because of the blue color on the figs and the brown for the same reason. 

It took me all week to finish but here is the final results for the other two walls in the studio.
This is my West wall, on the left is my self portrait corner.  (A painting of Whirly Girl is there)  The paintings on the far right are my  figurative paintings from my friday sessions.

This is my North wall, do you see Whirly Girl looking out the window?   This is one of her jobs along with watching for the UPS man, the mailman and lets me know if anyone comes to the front door.   These two front windows are part of the reason I bought this house.   The glass area is 8.5 feet tall and lets in lots of light.  Well as long as it is not a dark overcast day.
I love my new color on the walls.

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