Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knob Creek 6"x6" oil

This is a cool bottle and label.  The packaging pays attention to the details. With a bottle reminiscent of a bootlegger’s flask, it embodies the unpretentious, handmade look and feel of turn-of-the-century bourbon. The observant eye will notice newsprint scrawled on the label—harkening back to the decades-old custom of wrapping bottles at the distillery in newspaper.  Knob Creek is 100 proof and aged 9 years.  When coming up with the name they went to history to name Know Creek, the answer was nearby.   Approximately 20 miles south of the distillery runs a little creek, the same creek that ran by Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home.    Kentucky is full of history.
Did you know.... Nothing can be added at bottling to enhance the flavor of bourbon, such as flavoring, sweeteners or artificial coloring, unlike whiskeys which can add those things.
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