Friday, November 7, 2014

Blue dress 11" x 14" oil

Trying a new technique today where I put on little dabs of color and leave it without blending.   It is the blending that I have been increasingly getting bored with in my paintings.   I think this is more on the line of what I want to paint lately.    I have been going through a slump in my work.   Nothing satisfies and I have been looking for something that would make it fresh again for me.  I might play around with this for the next few paintings.  Please Click here for pricing information.

This is my new book that has 100 daily paintings.  They are 12 grouped series, ballet shoes, bourbon, cars, cherries, coffee cream & sugar, eyeglasses, flowers, things you eat, silverware, scissors &marbles and a few of my Friday figurative sketches.  There is something that I like in all of them and I hope you do too.   Please click on the book cover to go to MagCloud to view some of the pages.