Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Who are you?" 6'x6' oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Marble and Bottle had been through many experiences together and were quite comfortable with their relationship.  Out for a stroll one evening they encountered Stopper, and Marble, being the bold one, asked "Who are you?"   Stopper was amazed at the little rolly polly thing and replied "I have walked down this street every night for the past year and have never seen the two of you before!"   At this moment Bottle stepped up and said "Hi I'm bottle and this is my friend Marble."   And that is the short story of how the three met.

Today is exactly two weeks before the Kentucky Derby and the kick off event is tonight with Thunder over Louisville which is the biggest fireworks in the whole USA.   It is just about 9 blocks away and my street out front has been packed with cars since 2 this afternoon.   There was an air show all afternoon and my dog does not like the noise.   But the air is full of festivities and excitement.   I love "Thunder"!

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