Friday, August 14, 2009

Sara N, gold/silverpoint 6"x6", 8/14/09 $100

I decided to do something different today.  I felt like drawing so I used my same 6"x6" gesso panel by Ampersand and drew with gold & silverpoint which is very nice to use but also very unforgiving because you really can't erase.    I realized that the surface was a little too textured, for my liking, for this medium.   I've used silverpoint before but it was on a very very smooth paper with a clay surface where your line quality can really show up.   I don't know what brand the paper was because I bought it when studying at the Florence Academy, Italy and didn't know I couldn't get it here in the states.   I only have one sheet left and it is a yellow ochre color which I don't care for (why did I buy it?).    So...I have gotten a silverpoint drawing ground that I can apply and make my own surface.   Of course I didn't plan out what I was going to do today and just winged it and this is what I got.   This photo does not show the detail but what the heck this is what I did today.

Where did everyone go? 5x7,8/13/09


I painted this on 8/13 put it in the computer and forgot to post it. I only have a few more cherries left. Have to paint them before I eat them all first. One of my favorite color combinations is blue/white.