Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Town Branch Bourbon 6"x6" oil

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This is my favorite bottle, I love the square shape!   I love square paintings too so maybe I'm just square.  The Town Branch website (click here), has the interesting history bourbon, going all the way back to the Scots.   Below are some interesting facts:
Whiskey (the abbreviation of uisce beatha) is Gaelic for "water of life."
Whiskeys are rated in four ways:
1. The nose - the aroma.
2.  The taste - its arrival on the palette. (the tongue not the painting palette)
3.  The finish - how much residue is on the palette, it will tell you a lot about the aging process.
4.  The balance of the flavors, the caramels, the woodiness, and how they all come together.
Town Branch Whiskey is a bourbon from the first distillery to be inducted into the Kentucky Distillers Association since 1880.   
Town Branch is named after the Town Branch River in Lexington, KY.  Within one year of the founding of Lexington the James Pepper Distillery was established in 1780, quickly followed by other distilleries such as Henry Clay, Henry Gilbert & Co., Ashland Distillery Co., and William Tarr was set up in 1879.   Little did they know that it would be over 100 years for the Lexington Distilling Co. to be founded. 
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