Monday, April 13, 2020

Four Gate Bourbon, Outer Loop Orbit, 8in x 8in, oil

This bourbon company is getting great reviews! This FOUR GATE bottle is Outer Loop Orbit, and rated a 92 from the publication WhiskyAdvocate. (See below) 
They blended a 5.5 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon with a 12 year High-Rye Kentucky Straight Bourbon and put it in barrels that were first used for Orange Curaco, then someone used the barrels to finish a batch of gin, then they let nature take it's course!  There is more to the company than I can put in this blog so here is a link to FOUR GATE website where you can read all about them.

92 - Four Gate Outer Loop Orbit, Orange Curacao-Gin Cask-finished, 60.15% (120.3 proof), $200.   A pleasantly oily nose, rich with botanical notes, orange peal, black licorice, herbs, vanilla frosting and macaroons.  The palate is sweet, with tropical notes of pineapple and mango, grapefruit, dried apricots and gentle spice.  A lengthy finish offers lemon cream pie, vanilla cream light pepper and tobacco, ending with a hint of bitter chocolate.  A very unusual bourbon, divisive within our tasting panel, but also very unique, balanced and flavorful.  

Thank you for viewing my art.
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