Wednesday, April 1, 2020

White House, after Colley Whisson. 12in x 12in oil

TAAO, Tucson Art Academy Online, sent out art instruction from Colley Whisson and I jumped on it.   I had not been painting as much and was in in a slump as far as my painting was concerned.  I thought this might stimulate me enough to get excited about painting again.   Landscape is not a subject I paint very often which was refreshing to me.   

During this time of staying home alone gave me the perfect time to spend a day painting with Colley. I started the 2 hour video and got my paints out, and followed along with him pausing the video to occasionally clean my palette or get more coffee, lunch, more paint.... and I had a great day painting!

Below is the result of the painting struggle.    He starts out simply, roughly blocking in general shapes and color values, usually going darker that it will be in the end.  I would like to show you the photo we were working from but I feel it would compromise copyright but I can tell you that the picture was less color and had more detail.    What Colley does is makes it his interpretation of what he feels the scene evokes.

I loved every minute, dirtied too many brushes and learned a lot.
This White House painting demo and instruction is no longer available but below are links to what is currently offered at TAAO.

This one of mine is not for sale because it is not an original of mine.   I just wanted to share that sometimes artist struggle to keep going for many different reasons.   That is OK, just dust yourself off and start again, doing the same or trying something different.... just do something.   You never know where it will lead.

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