Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar cubed 6"x6" oil on gessobord


This painting was done using a limited palette, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, white, burnt sienna.   I like the lack of "color".

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Mary LaRue Groft said...

I always like what you do with silver reflections.

Ruth Andre said...

Nice study with the limited palette. It works so well.

Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann said...

Hi! Did you do the limiting by chance or did you plan it? The result is perfect. I don't find sugar cubes easy to paint.

Karen Bruson said...

Beautiful grays.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Hi Claudia,

I just hearted your Etsy shop. Your paintings are absolutely stunning! Each has a wonderful graphic quality.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Love this! Everything is so soft and subtle with the limited palette. I must try a painting with these colors.

Kathy Cousart said...

I am especially drawn to this painting. I really like the simplicity and elegance. Then you keep looking and see wonderful reflections and that each cube is just wonderfully rendered. The silver color is just perfectly done. One of my favorites of yours.

Pam Perras said...

Hi Claudia, Your painting is so beautifully done and inspiring! I'm experimenting with a palette a bit more limited (ultramarine, burnt sienna, white). Your colors are perfect for this, with the yellow ochre providing that inner glow. Now I can't wait to do more experiments!