Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Rainbow roll" 6"x6" oil on Ampersand gessobord

I love the rainbow roll because it has all my favorites on top of the roll.   Well it does not have the eel which is also a favorite.   One of my favorite parts was the reflections that the chop sticks make in the soy sauce.
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1 comment:

Karen Werner said...

A fabulous painting! Great, great composition, exciting color and clean application of paint. One interesting aspect for me is the black diagonal going off into the upper left corner. Usually your eye would go right with it, but because of that highlight (which is pointed like an arrow back into the painting), the eye stays right in the painting! I also love the round sushies contrasted with all the geometric shapes. Okay, I'll stop now, I've probably said way too much...but I just love it! (And I don't even eat sushi!)