Friday, June 17, 2016

Self portrait Demo #2 11" x 14" oil

My Tuesday class wanted to do their self portraits (they just can't be upstaged by the Monday class) so I did a second demo for them.   I know, it looks a lot like the one I did a couple of months ago, but there is one small difference.   The first one I did  I just happened to be on Percocet because I had smashed my finger (my non painting hand) so I had to have 6 stitches.   The demo had been planned for weeks so I had to do it.   I do think this one turned out better. ;-D

There are about 58 photos that one of my students, Stan Sternberg, took. To view the Demo please click here.

Here is the first demo that I did while on percocet and my eyes do look a little glazed...  And just to let you know, my finger is doing fine, the smashed bone is healed and there is just a scar.

Thank you for viewing my art.  
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Ruth Andre said...

Claudia, This is fabulous. Love your paintings.