Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Singled out" 6"x6" oil on gessobord

They were scratching their bald heads and wondering why TwoTone was singled out.   Had he done something wrong?  Was he better than they were?   Smarter?  more handsome?  More gifted?  When they found out why he was singled out they were elated, here was someone with the answer, someone who knew why they were all bald!   It was evolution, they were bald so they could roll!   The answer was so simple why hadn't they thought of it before.
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Cheri Wollenberg said...

I have been admiring your marble still lifes. The glass looks great and I love the reflections and shadows. Wonderful.

Unknown said...

I can tell you are having so much fun with these. I bet you had the greatest imaginary friends to play with when you were a child.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love your imagination and skill. This series is so fun and the green background is a great addition.

Virginia Floyd said...

I love the humor in your blog. I think the magnifying glass is a cousin to the little light in Pixar movie titles.

I spent some time this morning looking at some of your original posts. All the daily practice is really reflected in your work. What wonderful progress you have made. Practice makes perfect!