Friday, January 21, 2011

"Scene of the crime" 6"x6" oil on gessobord

This is post #500 !  I can't believe I have made it this far,  Yea!
During the evening hours when the marbles were rolling about patrolling the area they came across this dead body.   The head marble, Mr Blue, turned on the flashlight so they could look closer to try and detect the cause of death.   Upon close examination they decided that the bug had just lived out his life to the fullest.
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Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann said...

Oh, poor thing. However, I love the idea to make stories from paintings. What's Mr. Blue's guess? O;-)

Claudia Hammer a Painting a day said...

Mr Blue's guess is that the bug died from shock when he saw the ferocious dog that hangs about the house.

Karen Bruson said...

Love this series.

Unknown said...

So clever and well painted. Love Mr. Blue.

Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann said...

Hm, is he that sure? Did he call the pathologist? O;-)

Katie Wilson said...

LOL. Another great one, Claudia.

Unknown said...

Bwuahahaha!!! I was chuckling when I saw the one inch thumbnail and then I really cracked up when I saw the larger image. This is priceless! Oh, and congratulations on your 500th!!! What a great milestone.

Virginia Floyd said...

Congratulations on # 500! That's really great! You are a very dedicated and talented lady!