Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Just a phone" 6" x 6" oil

There is nothing quite like the feel of dialing a rotary phone.    It makes a rhythm of sound when you dial the number and the weight of the object is so solid.

Thank you for viewing my art.  
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Anonymous said...

Ever been on the receiving end of a strong feeling or emotion that comes from seemingly nowhere? That's what just happened to me when I opened your painting for today. You see, I lost my best friend when I was 12. Prior to her losing her footing by a waterfall, we used to talk endlessly on a phone exactly like this. Although it has been 50 years, I immediately thought "Eight eight five four two." In those days, we didn't have to dial the first two digits, which in this case was "North" or Six-six. I, too, loved the sound and feel of dialing and listening as it returned to the starting point. Plus, there was nothing like having something to squeeze when giggling over a funny story coming from the other end. I wonder if anyone misses the satisfaction of slamming down the receiver? I never did that, but I do miss saying over and over, "I have to go. You hang up first." "No, you hang up." No you." "Okay, I'll count to three and we'll both hang up." Then we had another fit of giggles when neither one did. Losing a connection just isn't the same without a good ol' click.
Thanks for the memories!