Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Misunderstood relatives 6"x6" oil

These are the items that I have that give me questions.   Some I know like the gravy ladle and the cake server, the butter knife, but what the heck is the item on the lower left?  it is a kind of shallow spoon server but what for?   One of my students said it was to serve condiments of sort.  This was laid out on a white tablecloth and as I painted I noticed a bit of  pink in the white.

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Teressa Sliger said...

My favorites have always been the odd ones. I believe that the lower left is a jelly or preserve server. A few months ago, I repurposed one into a piece of jewelry. I should have painted it first!

Jean Townsend said...

So lovely!
I can't really tell the size of it, but it seems smallish because of that, what- pickle fork? In the south we have a flat spoon like that to serve tomatoes from the platter.