Monday, September 26, 2011

Juniper Beach, Ohio River 9"x12" oil sketch

Ok, quit your laughing, this was the painting I did outside at the Phil Starke Workshop here  in Louisville KY this past weekend. Phil is a wonderful artist and a very good teacher.   It was unfortunate that it rained the whole weekend, except for this afternoon on the first day which was mostly overcast with the sun coming out a little.   This is not a good painting and as you can see I have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere!   And I am baring it for all to see.   Ok, you can continue to laugh and point.  
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Kathy Cousart said...

No laughing or pointing here. I know how tough plein air painting is and actually see a lot of good things here. You have a wonderful composition and really nice atmospheric perspective. I like the darks and the shadows too. Good for you to put it out there and I do that to so know how you feel. This is a good painting and I am proud:)


Claudia, I so enjoyed your humble commentary! Ha. I was glad to hear of other bloggers taking classes from Phil Starke. He is a fabulous painter and a great person. He comes to KC frequently, as his roots are here.+++++++++++
Your Black and white series with the sugar cubes is awesome! Great composition and use of values with just enough witty color to make it dangerous! :)

Virginia Floyd said...

What you talking about, Willis? The laughing and pointing goes on at my blog. I'd be happy to produce these trees. Nice muted greens, a little touch of blues and a slight warm tone in the center. You made me smile, though!