Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cotton seed oil 6"x6" oil

Back in the studio today slaving away on some newly acquired bottles.  The one with the milky substance is Cotton seed oil, I don't think they use it to oil cotton seeds, what do they use it for?

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Karen Bruson said...

Don't have any idea what they used it for, maybe still lifes.
Yours came out beautiful.

Virginia Floyd said...

Lovely muted colors in this one.

I had to google cottonseed oil. It says it's a cooking oil, and it's used in mayonnaise and salad dressings. It's often used for frying potato chips because it can be heated to a high heat without smoking. And it's the primary ingredient in Crisco. What did we do before Google?

Unknown said...

Love this...hmmm milky cotton seed oil. If its not because its very cold, its probably very rancid.

Kim Rempel said...

Beautiful palette - great painting.