Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Opposites" 6"x6" oil on gessoboard

After about a week and a half of not painting daily, I'm feeling kinda rusty.   Thought I would start with my comfort food, cherries.  It felt sort of strange at first but it all came back to me after a bit.   I purchased my first set of new dishes a few weeks ago.   I can't believe I've waited so long.   Got these plum colored dishes with green cups at Ikea.   Maybe I'll use the old ones in a mosaic.

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Karen Bruson said...

So beautifully painted. Great color and composition.

Sonja said...

I love the colors and the blocky paint strokes, in such a flowing composition. The deep red and green contrast in a beautiful and interesting way.

Ruth Andre said...

Very cool painting Claudia, Love the new dishes and the cherries.

Roxy with the Moxy said...

I like painting cherries, too. Your dishes have a cool "vintage" look for those of us who remember Melmac. ha ha ! Your colors are wonderful, and the composition, too.... nothing rusty about it !!!!

Angela said...

Love your small paintings.They are so rich and warm.