Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Lets Bake a pie!" 6"x6" oil on canvas

I have been wanting to paint this wire blender for a while.  The prongs were a challenge as I expected but what surprised me was the rubber pinch bowl.   That little object took me one and a half hours to get right. Who would have thought!    I'm too worn out to bake a pie now!
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1 comment:

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Claudia,
Really enjoying your blog. I like the simplicity yet perfect balance of your compositions, as well as the cropping you choose for them. Also like the fact that some of them are humorous--like the brussels sprout in that tool, and the family of hammers. :)
Regarding this one, isn't it interesting how often there's a part of the painting (I have done realism as well) that turns out to be very difficult, but it wasn't the part we thought it would be.
I'll come visit again.