Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Bull Terrier" 12"x 12" oil on museum wrap stretch canvas

Available for $275, contact me.
This is an oil painting on a museum wrapped stretched canvas and is painted on the sides as well.  Ready for hanging.    I know these dogs have a bad rap but I find them friendly and clownish.   Very curious, just like other terriers.   I wouldn't want to provoke one.   While working on this painting the sheen of the wet paint was getting in the way of see the color.   I couldn't see if it was white or blending with the grey too much.   When this happens, and it often does when working wet into wet, I get out a soft, flat sable brush and lightly, oh so very lightly like a feather, smooth out the brush strokes.   This takes away the raised up lines that the brush makes so that the light hits the canvas more evenly.  I can see then what color I really have.   I don't like to do this much because I like seeing the paint stroke, but today I was trying to paint it as my daily and needed to get it done.   So here it is.
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Aline Backes said...

Beautiful work

silentwitness said...

Again, your dog paintngs are exquisite! This bull terrier looks oh-so-sweet, and it should make a bull terrier "fan" out of anyone who doubts that this breed can be very sweet "clownish" pets!!!

Thanks, too, for the lesson regarding seeing color more accurately while painting wet into wet.