Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Great Dane, blue" 12"x12" oil on museum wrap canvas

Available for $275, contact me.
Started this painting last year and set it aside, so today I thought I would finish it.   I'm feeling under the weather today and did not feel like starting a new painting.   I will decide tomorrow if I'm having class on Monday.  Think I'll put my feet up and knit.  
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silentwitness said...

Claudia, your drawing and painting skills are incredible! The perspective, and your rendering of this cute dog's features, is amazing. And you seem to capture the "feeling" of the animals you paint. I wonder if you could enter some sort of competition to create animal holiday or greeting cards for organizations like the Humane Society, animal shelters, Spay Supporters, Animal rescue groups? Just a thought.

Chris said...

I totally agree with silentwitness. I love your dogs.

Claudia Hammer a Painting a day said...

Thanks, the cards are a good idea. I do have a line of cards with the paintings on the front. I will be getting more made with the new dog images. I was thinking of selling them at a local book store. Thanks for the encouragement.

silentwitness said...

And if the local book store is not the perfect place to sell the cards, consider Ebay (of course, only if you wish)!!!!