Friday, December 4, 2009

Purple hair, 6"x8" oil painting

Our model came with this wonderful wig today.   We just had to use it!  It is so much fun to transform yourself with a wig.   Just put it on and presto you are someone else....well not really but you feel that you are.

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kim Blair said...

Hi Claudia:
Love the hair! The softness of the blouse works nicely with the soft lavender hue of the wig (?)

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting how the purple hair, being "unexpected" affects the mood of this portrait. How could you paint this model without laughing, and how could she keep a straight face during the long pose? Very interesting mood!!!

Adventures in Daily Painting said...

Love it!

Claudia Hammer a Painting a day said...

I love everyone's comments. She (the model) wears the wig when she goes out dancing. It was deffinately unexpected when she pulled it out of her bag. We have actually had models show up with dyed green hair so the purple wig was at least not like dying it purple (which we have had also)