Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Forks spoons and shadows 6"x6" oil

I don't like painting spoons and forks so I decided to challenge myself today and paint a whole gaggle of them.  I started differently than I usually do.   I usually use my paint brush to make a few guiding marks but this time because I was trying so hard to be in control (I know I need to let this go but sometimes the urge is too strong) I sketched it on the canvas with a pencil.   I also used a flat 1/2" synthetic brush to block in because it gave me a more precise edge.   My favorite part or parts of the painting are the shadows.
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Karla said...

Love this painting! Well done!!

Kathy Weber said...

Unusual, and very nice! All of these little still lifes are very appealing.

dorothy lorenze said...

This is such a fun painting - and what a challenge! Love the surprising colors in shadows and highlights. With so much happening, it's hard to imagine it's 6x6"!

Mia S. Hinchey said...

Great! Thank you for sharing that you challenged yourself, inspired me to do the same, though every piece at this point is still quite a challenge for me. I love this, you really created an interesting still life here.

kim smith art said...

Very nice Claudia! Very dynamic!