Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Please click here to purchase.  $100 (the painting on the bottom only)
The top painting is the sketch I painted on site during the Laurel Daniel workshop in St Simon Island.  The second (bottom) painting is what I did to the painting after coming home.   I liked the sketch the day I painted it but after I got home I thought it needed something and one thing lead to another.   I may have over worked it.   I tried to vary the greens and add some highlights, and sky and so on and so on.   

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Laurel Daniel said...

Hmmmm... love the simplicity of the "before" AND the the depth of the "after". That distant place through the trees (just above the fountain) is masterful. It was SUCH a pleasure watching you do your thing!

Linda Nickles said...

Claudia, as I recall, the the first one looked better in person. And as Laurel mentioned, it has a lovely "simplicity" to it. I also like the brightness of your second painting. I really enjoyed meeting you and painting together. You are amazingly talented, and such an inspiration!