Friday, September 10, 2010

"There goes the neighborhood!" 6"x6" oil on gessobord


This must be Fig season.   I was at the market getting some things and there were little boxes of green and purple pointy things.   I recognized them as the fruit I had at a party last week, they were delicious.  Can't say that I've ever had one before.    Now that I think about it, did anyone see the show on public TV about what it takes to get a fig to ripen?   Well let me tell you I remembering swearing that I would never eat a fig no matter what after seeing that one hour show!!   I didn't think about this at the party.

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Roxy with the Moxy said...

While looking through your images it amazes me that I see very realistic, to very loosely painterly works. That's fasinating to me to see how you can go back and forth... I'm trying so hard to loosen up, and can't seem to manage it at all. My work just always seems to get overworked, and realistic !! I'm jealous ! ha !

Katie Wilson-Bernatas said...

Interesting abstract composition. Nice light.