Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Crystal Clear" 6"x6" oil on canvas

I've been painting these daily paintings about 10 months now and I am beginning to realize that I like painting some things more than others.   A cup of coffee is one thing I like to paint, maybe it is the circle I find pleasing.   Now that I look at it the marble is a circle too!    
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Unknown said...

Hi Claudia! Found you on DPIAG and followed you hear. I love your style, your fascination with circles and your in progress samples.

silentwitness said...

The cup and marble are superb, but I must say that the way you painted this fabric "takes the cake." Your observational skills and your ability to capture that fabric pattern (in and out of shadow, WITH folds) is totally amazing. Great painting!

Gwen Bell said...

This composition is so great! Love the way the pattern in the fabric mimics the arc of the cup & saucer. The perfect circle of the marble and the clear blue reflection is the perfect compliment. Just stunning!