Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Spiderwick Adventures" 11"x14" giclee print from an original charcoal drawing

I did this drawing for and invitational show at the Carnegie Center, New Albany Indiana in January 2008.   The family in the picture live down the street from me and the dog is my Shih Tzu, Whirly Girl.    When the family came over to pose Whirly Girl jumped right up and got comfortable.  She loved it!   The original drawing was accepted in the Water Tower Regional Art Show and I won a Merit Award for it today at the opening.   The original charcoal drawing is 22.5"x30" and is available for $3600.My blog:
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silentwitness said...

PS. Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS, Claudia, for winning the award!

silentwitness said...

This drawing is incredible! You have such amazing control of your values, and the movement of light in this drawing is wonderful!

Chris said...

kudos to you. love this drawing. are you a book illustrator?

Claudia Hammer a Painting a day said...

Thanks for your comments, No, I'm not a book illustrator but I have done commercial illustration nationally. I was a fashion illustrator in my early career. Now I do oil paintings, portraits, still life and drawings. Have been drawing for about 45 years. Thanks for your interest.